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See Drone Delivery in Action

Watch how Rossen Reports breaks down DroneUp’s delivery process, step-by-step.

It’s This Easy

Verify your Location

Are we flying in your neighborhood? DroneUp’s Hub Flight Engineers deliver within one mile of your Walmart location. If we’re not in your neighborhood yet, check back, we will be.

Get Ready For Delivery

DroneUp’s crew will assess your property. We evaluate the delivery site and place the package in the safest location for both you and the drone. Make sure your yard is free of obstructions and loose debris.

We’ll send you text messages to let you know we are on the way, and assure your family (and Fido) are cleared for package landing. You’re welcome to watch the exciting delivery but from a safe distance of 10 feet.

Here Comes Your Package

Our DroneUp hub flight engineers program our aircraft to lower the package from way up high, 80’! With sensors and very strong cables, packages up to 10 pounds are gently delivered, and then the aircraft glides up and away. Delivery services may be temporarily unavailable if strong winds or other inclement weather is in your area, and we’ll resume service as soon as conditions improve.

Why Drone Delivery?

Safe & Swift

DroneUp is a precision-based operation and has an impeccable safety record. We’re swift too, and able to get your package to you in as little as 30 minutes.


Our DroneUp crews are trained experts in operating sophisticated aircraft. We are the guiding force to make sure drone flight is good for everyone, because innovation is for everyone.


We love our planet. Just think, every drone flight minimizes traffic on the road, lessening carbon emissions.

Who can I talk to about my order?

Please submit any questions or comments regarding your order/delivery at or go to and click on “chat” to correspond in real time with a DroneUp customer service representative.

*Please see our Terms of Service for additional information.