Frequently Asked Questions

DroneUp is excited to bring drone delivery to your area to demonstrate how this technology can help you. Chances are if you are visiting this page, you have come to learn more about the program. DroneUp has taken great steps to develop a thorough, thoughtful, safe, legal, and efficient program that benefits communities, companies, organizations, and the planet. We are committed to each and every community we operate in and value your feedback. Below we gathered some frequently asked questions.

DroneUp is an American technology company focusing on commercial drone services. Based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, DroneUp partnered with Walmart in 2021 to explore drone delivery and all the benefits it can bring to communities, organizations, businesses, and the planet. In addition to drone deliveries, we also offer commercial drone services such as drone inspections, project management, commercial real estate work, and more.

Last-mile delivery is one of the most complex and costly phases of delivering goods to customers. Additionally, the use of combustion engines like trucks and vans for last-mile delivery not only add to road congestion but also emit harmful emissions. That’s why DroneUp has taken the lead on offering new, high-efficiency methods to help support the last-mile ecosystem. Our drone delivery services have an average delivery time of 30-minutes, are not subjected to things like traffic or potholes, and make shopping for those needed items easier. Partnering with Walmart, we are able to deliver tens of thousands of goods right to your house with just a few taps on your phone. 

Forgot a main ingredient for dinner and don’t want to deal with the hassle of getting the kids ready and in the car? DroneUp is here to help. 

Not feeling well and don’t want to risk getting others sick? DroneUp is here to help get you the medicine you need.

Additionally, as DroneUp and Walmart expand operation, we are bringing high-quality job opportunities in these areas in a new and exciting industry. To learn more, head to droneup.com.

Customers first check on droneupdelivery.com to see if they are within the delivery radius. If they are, they can begin shopping and adding to their cart. A DroneUp employee will gather their order and bring it to the delivery Hub where once loaded, and safety checks have been made, the drone will lift off. The drone will fly anywhere between 160-300 feet enroute to the delivery location. Once there, it will bring its elevation down to 80 feet, a safe delivery height which also helps reduce noise levels. A tether will safely and gently lower the package down to the area while a flight operator oversees the entire operation to make sure everything is working properly. The drone brings itself back to the ideal height and travels back to the Hub.

DroneUp operations are compliant with all FAA regulations.

We value safety above everything else. Every action we take not only impacts DroneUp and the community it’s operating in but also the entire drone industry. Here’s how we approached safety:

  • DroneUp works closely with the FAA to ensure that we are compliant with all local rules and regulations. 
  • Every pilot is FAA certified and goes through in-depth training at a dedicated facility in Virginia.  
  • Our highly advanced flight software chooses flight routes that avoid heavily populated areas, sidewalks, and roads when possible. 
  • DroneUp uses the latest technology with multiple areas of redundancies to add to the level and safety. Our systems use ADS-B along with parachute systems.
  • Our drones do not land, when they arrive at the destination they lower to 80 feet and using a tether, safely and gently bring the package to the ground.

We understand that this is new technology, and we’ve looked at the best way to minimize sound so communities get all the benefits without noise disturbances. 

  • Enroute to the delivery location, our drones fly anywhere between 160-300 ft. At the height, the noise decibel level is ambient. 
  • When the drone gets to the destination, it lowers its altitude to 80 feet to safely use the tether to deliver the package. At 80 feet, the noise decibel level of the drone is lower than that of a local delivery truck.

We understand that there might be some questions about cameras and how they are used on our system and we’re here to address that. Our drones use a low-res camera that sends a live feed to our pilots to help with operational safety. Nothing is recorded and the cameras cannot zoom in or choose specific areas to focus on. They help make sure your delivery arrives safe and sound.

Customers can head to droneupdelivery.com and get the total list of available items. Our systems can carry a max weight of around 10 lbs. 

When the drone arrives at its destination, it safely lowers the order down using a tether. This method not only keeps the drone at a safe distance from the ground, but also helps reduce noise. Customers will receive notifications when the package is delivered.